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"CRP Christian Community Cloud" Church Web Logos Ministry Collaboration and Implementation Training for Fellows


Area: Mandarin/English Speaking and Multilingual Churches and Ministry Groups, located within Great Vancouver Area
Date: Accepting Registration Now; and Student will receive official Class by email or letter.
Time: 4 Sessions (2 hour each), plus Online Classroom for Collaboration Learning/Implementation (or Other Customized Courses and Schedule, if required)
Location: CRP Vancouver Downtown Office; or Other Designated Classroom


Instructor: Brother Daniel Chen and Richard Chai; and/or other instructors


1. At least 16 years of age and high proficiency in Mandarin and English, with church pastor’s recommendation to serve and to grow their Web Logos ministry;
2. For pastors, the training fees arewaived;
3. Students need to choose their roles with various specialized courses; kindly refer to Community Cloud Training Road Maps.


Basic Skills: Experienced User to those Free Open Source Software, like Browser (Firefox Developer Toolbar) or Chrome, HTML/Web Design Editors (NVU),Graphics Editor ( or GIMP),Code Editor (Notepade++),及 FTP (FileZilla),and any other Pre-class Installation and Preparation Task.
Also Refer to other Training Resources:
1. OS Training at
2. Joomlashack University at


Laptop: Be sure to bring your own Notebook, to walk through the online Applications Processes and Practices to deliver the Operation Web Site (Joomla CMS; and/or Wordpress CMS)


Instructor Fee:
1. $150/Individual; $600/Team (Max. 6 Members);
2. Pastors/Teachers Free
3. Group Registration with 2 or up to 6 members, 20% discount shall be applied.
4. If your total average regular worship members in the past year are no more than 99 members, 50% discount shall be applied.
5. If you might have difficult in paying the training fee, feel free to contact the CRP fellows.

Location/Facility/Travelling Fee:
1. CRP Downtown Office (Up to 6~8 seats only): Free of Charge
at 1602-610 Granville St Vancouver, BC V7Y 1H4, Canada
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; Phone: 604-288-1035~201
2. Fee varied according to the true expenses.

Material Fee: Fee varied according to printing, binding and copy right material fees

Learning Platform: Moodle LMS with Bigbluebutton Video / Audio Webinar to complement Face to Face Classroom Learning


Web Site fee: VPS/cPanel Coupon will be provided. You can choose to keep staying with CRP Christian Community Cloud, or migrated to other Hosting services. (For CRP Christian Community Cloud Products and Services, refer to

Registration: Online Registration or Email registration (Please download Training Application Form and related instruction at

Registration period: Registration now open; Registration will close after posted date, or when Full (student Per Class are limited).


Works Reward: The top web sites by students and teachers shall received a prize (to be announced later).


Course Contents: This web site administrator (Web Master) training course is not for professional job skills training, but to assist local churches to establish Web Logos Ministry, and enhance better collaboration for Community Ministry. Therefore, the course content can be adjusted to meet your local church ministry and trainees’ requirements.

i. What is "CRP Christian Community Cloud" system; and how it can complement and enhance Christian Ministries for the local Greater Vancouver area, and Global Ministries. (Application Scripture: John 21: 1-17)
ii. cPanel Web Hosting Control Panel Instruction
iii. Some recommended Free and Open Source Software and Apps
iv. Wordpress and Joomla, or other Content Management System (CMS) instruction (Content Management System, CMS)
v. CMS Web Site Configuration and Content Update for your Church and related Ministries
vi. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), by Using Google Analytics and Web Master Tool
vii. How to collaborate with "CRP Christian Community Cloud" to integrate ministry resources, establish and enhance ministry collaboration to form, sustain and grow Christian Communities (Brief)
viii. Q & A


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